Carmaig de forest

With an old Gibson ukulele, a reedy (some would say Lou-Reedy) voice, and an uncanny way with words, California-bred-singer-songwriter-folk-punk-poet-performer-storyteller Carmaig de Forest has been serving up highly original engaging/ creepy/ funny/ sad/ angry/ sexy/ scary stories for over 20 years.

His "gleeful sense of adventure and genuine love of the human story" [RayGun Magazine]* appeals to traditionalists and iconoclasts alike. He's been billed with such diverse artists as The Ramones, Arlo Guthrie, They Might Be Giants, Alex Chilton (who was so impressed, he produced Carmaig's debut LP) and The Violent Femmes. Carmaig performs either solo, just him and his uke, or with an folk-punk-combo he calls his DeathGrooveLoveParty. Experience him both ways at Uke-Fest West.

UkeFest West Workshop:
Creative Songwriting

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